(Weekend (i.e. from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening) life-changing behavioural residential workshops)

Years and years of research and study have proven that in order to sustain any change, an optimal supporting environment is absolutely vital. Being specialists in change for  nearly two decades; and fortunate enough to have our own customized premises, ‘Blessings’, we now intend to start delivering this much awaited ultimate life-changing experiential sessions from the year of 2012-2013. Vertia’s new Life shops are designed to initiate change, and then through the intimate interaction with the very life we promote, we plan on providing the perfect setting for solidifying all changes you plan on making in order to help you sustain the learnings you have acquired.

The methodology of life shops is completely unique as it enables a positive and pure environment that harmonizes the participants with the nature we have so nonchalantly ignored in our lives. Our model enables us to render guaranteed results during the two day experience. We utilize our experiential learning model to awaken the hidden potential that is present in every human and introduce the true “art of living” to our participants. Verita believes and practices that living in harmony with our own self and with nature is the key to a successful and purposeful live; so our life shops are organized in the most serene, healthy and peaceful backdrop of “Blessings”.

Through a continuous nurturing process of two days, our attendees will experience a life altering journey both inward and outward. These residential programs are regulated in a way to ease the process of breaking our self-created barriers alter the belief systems we have become too accustomed to. Away from the polluted and busy routines of the city we ensure that our participants will get familiarized with a healthy lifestyle; both physically and spiritually. We encourage and invite you to give yourself a break from the monotonous routine and mechanical life style of the cities and come see life as it was ought to be; happy, healthy and peaceful.



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"Love heals the both, the giver and the receiver."