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Faiez Hassan (Seyal) is a third-generation educationist (grand-son of Sufi Nazar Muhammad Seyal, an educationist with over 100 publications), a gifted teacher, a persuasive orator and an authoritative consultant. His pioneering work in behavioral sciences including health and wellness; relationship; societal values, ethics, morality and spiritual science; mind sciences; childhood development and parenting; education policy; human resource development; and organizational behavior and leadership has earned him global recognition. He advises top management of several local and global organizations, in organizational and consumer behavior; strategy, policy and business performance.

In the last over 20-year of his career in Pakistan, Faiez has positively influenced the lives of millions of people in four continents. He is a great influencer, motivator and a coach for this generation. Faiez’s niche in all the work he does, is his unique blending of modern behavioral, mind and relationship sciences principles with the “laws of nature”, making his message powerful enough to change individuals’ and collective beliefs in moments. He is a best-selling author of nine books and hundreds of audio and video programs. Many of his books are translated in seven languages. Learn more about Faiez and his work @ www.Faiez.co.



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"Love heals the both, the giver and the receiver."