Hanna Seyal

 Hanna Seyal completed her B.Sc Honors in Social Sciences from the Lahore University of Management and Sciences in 2014, majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Psychology. The exposure she received to the various contexts in which human existence can be understood and appreciated, has allowed her to pursue an undeniable passion in Verita as a Youth counselor and trainer in the core areas of Child and Parenting, as well as Pre and Post-Marital life. Over the past 5 years as a facilitator in Verita, Hanna has counseled over 100 individuals with issues ranging from shattered self-esteem to an overburdening peer pressure. She is also currently in the process of writing her first book for unmarried women and is heading the ‘Health and Wellness’ department at the institute, where she is eager to changing lives of countless individuals for the better. Hanna has encountered a wide variety of academic and co-curricular experiences and has been honored as the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl at her school and college, granting her the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of individuals and facilitating her desire to understand the complex being that is a human.



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"Love heals the both, the giver and the receiver."